“Face to Face”

“‘Cause it’ll never go away , until the fear that you are runnin’ from is finally embraced,  Face to Face” I have been listening to this song for 25 years. I have probably sung every word at least 500 times. But I never really listened to the lyrics or the message of the song. It […]


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“Joining You”

if we were our bodies…if we were our name tags, if we were our rejections, if we were our outcomes…if we were our indignities, if we were our successes, if we were our emotions… if we were our incomes, if we were our obsessions, if we were our afflictions I’d be joining you My musical […]

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“Top of the World”

‘Cause everyone’s singing “We just want to be heard”, disappearing everyday without so much as a word somehow, want to grab a hold of that little song bird take her for a ride to the top of the world right now I don’t exactly know what I want to say. I don’t know how to […]

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“Ain’t That A Bitch”

Freak Out! I’m alone now! I feel just like I’m losing my mind!  So goes the opening lines of the chorus of Aerosmith’s song. I think I would rather lose my mind entirely and live like an automaton than continue to live with the trouble my mind is causing me. My health-based anxiety continues to […]

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“All I Really Want”

I distinctly remember the first time I heard the opening strains of All I Really Want. I had seen Alanis on TV, the Grammy’s probably, and I was curious about that one line in You Oughta Know that they bleeped out. This, of course, was before I could just google it, so I bought the cassette tape. […]

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“He Walked on Water”

29 years ago today, my grandma Muriel passed away. I was only a little girl, and it was a very long time ago, but I feel her loss to this day. I have spent a lot of time trying to conjure up memories of her and have found the memories to be all too fleeting. I […]

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“The Waiting”

Yesterday, the calm and relative happiness that I had achieved over the last few collection of days crumbled in a matter of hours. Anxiety, that evil son of a bitch, found an opening while I wasn’t vigilant and opened the door in my mind. Once there, it began to run rampant with some old, persistent […]

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“Let It Be”

Recently I have been reading and learning about meditation and, by extension, Buddhism, since the practice of meditation seems to have come from that tradition. I have found it enlightening (ba dum ching!) in my efforts to handle anxiety, depression, and stress–in short, to attempt to achieve a degree of tranquility to my life and […]

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“The Pretender”

In our lives we run up against Pretenders. They thrive on trying to put others down to assuage their own wounded sense of self. They pretend that they are superior to you when they really aren’t any better than you. Pretenders will try to make you give up. Dave Grohl responds to Pretenders in a […]

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“Maybe I’m Amazed”

Yesterday I was involved in doing some long-overdue cleaning. It was stressful in its own way, as cleaning can be. At the same time I was discussing financial matters with Robert. Afterward, the anxiety what ifs came rushing in. What if it’s not enough money? What if taking me to work bankrupts us or something? I […]

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